Members International Club is formed on September 27,2013 to provide great incredible features and benefits to products and services people buy everyday with an incredible rewards program which is the foundation of our business model based on network and affiliate marketing and creative ideas and marketing concepts placed together by us. It is based on the simple idea that paying and rewarding you to buy the products and services you love and enjoy. On this basis we expect to become the world’s largest, premier and preferred membership shopping warehouse wholesale club business organization in the world as an international warehouse wholesale club catering and providing member products and services solely for members and customer subscribers who sign up for the MIC Rewards Program. Our core business is online shopping, agro processing, restaurant, bakery goods and the sale of general merchandise, other retail sale in non-specialized stores and other business activities based in New Kingston, Jamaica. We also provide value packages persons who wish to take advantage of MIC MEMBERSHIP PLANS AND MIC REWARDS when you becoming a member with some benefits to non-members called customer subscribers who however purchase our products and services found at MIC and our website). Our aim is to please you so please sit back, relax and prepare for the new refined style membership shopping experience with incredible features and benefits that you will enjoy when you sign up and complete the Member/Customer subscription form found at the top left hand side of the page. When you sign up early for a week you will get all rewards packages half price. So Sign up now and save before our official business launch and take advantage look of our subscription packages. At Members International Club Where Membership Shopping Matters.

“ Their high quality of service makes me back over and over again!”

— John Doe, CEO of XYZ Co.


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